About Me

Hi, I’m Niya! I love luxury, travel and luxury travel but I also enjoying hunting down a good bargain.

Travel has been a part of my life since I was a child as my parents would take me and my sister to Orlando annually for our summer vacation and we would have smaller trips sprinkled throughout the year. Once I graduated high school my mom’s good friend introduced us both to all-inclusive resorts and cruising, and I’ve had the travel bug since then. Prior to graduating college (go Hokies!) I spent a year studying abroad in England at the University of Leicester, and while I primarily focused my travels to England and Scotland I was able to take my first trips to Italy and France during this time. A year or so after I graduated I went back to England to live in London for six months. A couple years after that I went back to England to study again, this time for a postgraduate diploma in Marketing at the University of Portsmouth. Not long after finishing the course my mom and I took a 12 night Mediterranean cruise with a pre-cruise stay in London and Paris, and to date that has been my absolute favorite cruise (although Alaska is a close second). I’ve also been fortunate enough to visit Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Monaco, Croatia, Sicily, Mexico, Canada and many islands of the Caribbean. I would love to visit Australia, South Africa and Dubai so watch this space!

I see this blog primarily focusing on travel but I wouldn’t be surprised if my love for luxury goods creeps in every now and then. I blame my sister for this as she introduced me to Kate Spade, Gucci and then Louis Vuitton. From there I discovered Chanel and Hermes, and I primarily focus on these designers for purses and small leather goods. I believe in quality over quantity so my purse collection is modest, and I prefer classic pieces in neutral colors over trendy seasonal pieces. If I do want to add color to my collection I tend to do so with pieces from Kate Spade and Longchamp as I feel they offer excellent quality at a great price point. Coach has also stepped up their game recently and have come a long way from the monogram fabric purses that once characterized the brand and I often check out their outlets for purses and SLGs.

I hope you enjoy this blog and my attempt to live a luxurious lifestyle while snagging some deals along the way.