Day 2 in L.A and The Talk

Day 2 started off well with a nice breakfast in the hotel lobby. After we finished eating, I successfully requested an Uber and we were on our way to Studio City. Our tickets indicated that we needed to be at the CBS Studios by 11:00am and seating would be based on arrival time, so we wanted to get there early enough to be close to the front of the line. We got there just as the first parking garage shuttle bus was unloading guests so there was just a few people ahead of us. A CBS staffer had everyone line up on the street and we were let into the security area in groups of 10 or so to be checked in. They checked our photo IDs, gave us a numbered card, had us sign a waiver and then our pictures were taken individually and then with anyone else in our party. After that, we moved into a waiting room with bench seating (and a few theater style seats reserved for VIPs) and a cut out of the hosts that you could take a picture with. Since we were among the first to arrive I used that time to make sure I had a seat against the wall for back support and near an outlet, so if you need to re-charge both your phone and your body try to get a seat against the wall. There was a really cute free photo booth and my mom and I took some photos while we were waiting.



We waited in that room for about an hour or so total, and the time went by pretty fast because everyone was really excited and chatty, plus taking pictures with the cutouts and in the photo booth helped pass the time. The CBS pages were very friendly and great about giving us updates about what would happen next, when last call for the bathroom was and answering any questions we had. Based on the card we were given during check-in, we were told to walk out as groups into the garage area and line up in chronological order. Since we arrived early we were in the first group. The CBS pages explained that once we were in the garage we would have to make a short walk to the actual studio. There were some ramps/stairs but other than that it was an easy walk. Anyone with mobility issues was asked to stay behind so they could be taken to the studio in a golf cart.

We began the walk to the studio and it was cool to see the signs of the other shows that were taped there. We passed little houses and trailers which appeared to be offices for catering, etc and it was like walking through a little neighborhood. We all kept our eyes peeled for celebrities but unfortunately we didn’t see any. Once we got to the studio we waited for the other numbered groups to arrive, in addition to those coming over in the golf carts. We waited for about 15 minutes and then we were given the all clear to enter the studio. When we arrived outside the entrance to the actual The Talk set there was a short wait as the producers directed everyone where to sit. They asked how many people were in your party and based on that you were either told to sit in the bleacher area at the back of the studio or to go to the front in sit in the “pit.” My mom and I were directed to the pit in the second row on the aisle and to the right of where the hosts sit. If you attend any show taping my tip would be to wear bright colors as they show up well on TV and the producers tend to sit you closer to the front.

We waited in the studio for about 40-45 minutes while the producers set up the stage, finalized where guests were seated and getting everything ready for the taping. The show would be aired live on the west coast but wouldn’t air until three hours later on the east coast. We chatted a little bit with the people around us a nice lady told us that she had attended The Price is Right yesterday. She enjoyed it but warned us that it was an all day event and that the benches were hard. As the countdown clock neared zero we were briefed on the topics the hosts would be discussing, when/how we should applaud and who the guests would be. I was able to check the website before we left so I already knew the guests would be Queen Latifah and Paula Patton, but we were told that there would also be an entertainment reporter joining them (I don’t remember his name), and that Angie Harmon would be there to tape a segment that would air the next day.

Finally, we were told to get out of our seats and start clapping and cheering because it was show time! The ladies came out onto the stage and sat at the table, and Julie Chen immediately started talking about the stories making the rounds in entertainment news. Even though we were very close to the table it was hard to hear the hosts speak sometimes, but luckily we could read the teleprompter if we missed any of the introductory stuff that the hosts would read before they started their discussion. During the commercial breaks the ladies had their hair and makeup touched up, and Cheryl Underwood would talk to the audience coordinator about some of the things discussed in the segments. She was very funny and personable, and was really the only one of the hosts to interact with the audience. Julie Chen did say a few words after the show ended but it was a generic “Hi, thank you for coming, hope you had fun” kind of thing. Aisha Tyler and Sharon Osbourne waved and smiled to the crowd as they left the stage, but I was really surprised at how standoffish Sara Gilbert was as she didn’t even really acknowledge that the audience was there.

Once it got started, the taping went by pretty quickly. Queen Latifah and Paula Patton were there to promote their movie The Perfect Match, and Angie Harmon talked about the final season of Rizzoli and Isles. We were then told that the crew had to set up one final segment before the taping ended, and as I saw them bring out mannequins and purses I knew it could only mean one thing- gifts for the audience! I was right, and the hosts told us that everyone in the audience would be receiving a $150 gift card to After the taping ended, Sharon and Julie taped a few teaser spots that would air next week, and that was it.




I definitely enjoyed myself at The Talk, and it was a great way to spend the morning.  The good thing about attending this taping, as opposed to The Price is Right, is that you’re out by 12:30-1pm so you still have the rest of the day to do other things. Since we didn’t have anything else planned, we decided to head over to Rodeo Drive and do some sightseeing since we weren’t able to do that the last time we were in L.A. Since I was now a pro at using the Uber app, I opened it up expecting to book a car with no problems, but what I got was an error message that the app was down and that I should try again. I did try again…and again and again and again but still got that same error message. I tried closing the app and restarting but that didn’t work either. I logged out of the app and restarted my phone but still nada, and I couldn’t even log back into my account at this point. I was starting to get really frustrated with Uber at this point and decided to call a cab again, but I really didn’t have a choice at this point (I’ve since downloaded Lyft so I have a backup plan in case Uber is down again).

Once we got to Rodeo Drive, we took a few pictures and started walking around. It’s definitely a beautiful area but I wasn’t wowed by the designer stores since we have most of them here in the DC Metro area. I wanted to pick up a little something as a souvenir but couldn’t decide what I wanted. I decided to stop by Hermes to see if they had a particular twilly I was interested in, and also to see what the Beverly Hills location was like. As soon as we walk in I was greeted by a nice SA and she asked if I was looking for anything in particular. I told her I was looking for a twilly and she walked me over to the twilly display. Unfortunately they didn’t have the one I was looking for; she did offer to order it for me but I declined since I knew I would be in Las Vegas next month and could try to buy it there. I wish I remembered the SA’s name because she was very friendly and not at all pushy, and overall my experience at the Beverly Hills Hermes boutique was short but sweet.

I didn’t check my phone much while we were sightseeing, and I saw the notification that an Uber update had been installed and it turns out that that was the reason why it wasn’t working earlier. Once the driver arrived we were on our way back to the hotel to relax before a long day tomorrow at The Price is Right. This time we decided to get food from Z Pizza to take up to the room, and we called it a night.

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