Hotel Review: Kingsmill Resort Williamsburg

This post is long overdue and I apologize for that. Like many of you, time has really gotten away from me recently and this blog has been a bit neglected. But, I plan to remedy that not only with this post but also one (maybe several?) that I’ll be doing soon about my recent Royal Caribbean cruise.

My birthday is in October and since I don’t normally make a big deal about my birthday I didn’t have any special plans for the day. I was browsing Groupon one day, as I often do, I and saw that they had a deal for Busch Gardens Williamsburg. My family and I used to go there when I was little but it has been years since we last went. The Groupon ended the last weekend in October so I asked my mom if she wanted to come with me as a late birthday celebration and she accepted. I won’t go too in depth about Busch Gardens because we didn’t ride many rides or stay very long (we knew we wouldn’t and since we got the tickets at a discount we were ok with that) but I will say that the Halloween decorations they had were very well done and overall we had a great time there.

The last time we went down to the Williamsburg area was when my sister was in college at Old Dominion and we never actually stayed in Williamsburg, so I didn’t have a hotel in mind for this little trip. I had heard about Kingsmill Resort and since we were only staying one night I thought this might be a good time to try it out. My requirements for the hotel for this trip were that they had rooms with double beds, a shuttle to Busch Gardens and had good reviews on Trip Advisor. Kingsmill Resort met all of those requirements and I was able to find a good rate on Expedia so I went ahead and booked it.

The 2.5 hour drive there from the DC area was easy and in no time we were exiting I-64 onto the tree lined road leading to Kingsmill Resort. The resort shared the area with residential homes and it felt like we were in our own little private wooded enclave. Check in was quick and easy but unfortunately our room wasn’t ready so we decided to go back to the main road and get something to eat. Just as we were done eating we got a call that our room was ready so we made the quick drive back to Kingsmill.

I was expecting Kingsmill to be the typical sprawling, midrise resort but it really looks like a condo community as it consists of buildings containing 3-4 units. Parking was available right in front of our unit which was very convenient even though we didn’t have much luggage as it was just an overnight trip. We didn’t spend too much time in the room at that time since we wanted to catch the next shuttle to Busch Gardens, but I was able to take a few pictures.

We had a Resort room; it was a little small but perfectly fine for an overnight stay. It also had a small deck overlooking the golf course. We didn’t get to use it because it was a little cold to be sitting outside, but during warmer weather I think it would be great to sit there and have some coffee or juice in the morning. The room was generally clean but the sliding door tracks could do with a cleaning. We did find some small bugs in the room but I think it would be hard to keep them out due to being in such a wooded area. The trash bins are just outside the unit so it was convenient to have them there for when we had trash we didn’t want to keep in the room, but I wonder if there are ever any issues with the garbage attracting animals since the bins are so close to the buildings.

Once we returned from Busch Gardens, we decided to order room service for dinner. We don’t normally order room service in hotels so I don’t know if the food tends to be good or not, but my mom and I both really enjoyed what we ordered. I had a cheese pizza and I think my mom had a salad and a Reuben maybe? The prices were typical for room service but I think it was worth it as we didn’t have to worry about leaving our room to have a meal.

The only negative aspect of our stay was that the walls between the units were paper thin. I have never stayed in a hotel that had such poor sound insulation. From what I could see, the room next to us was a larger one as it had a kitchen, and there was a family staying there. We could pretty much hear their conversations verbatim and heard them singing happy birthday to one of the kids. As annoying as that was, I’m glad all we heard were conversations and happy sounds as we could have been hearing burping and “adult” noises (my mom said that would be unlikely since there were kids there but I assume they had their own room). However, that changed once it was time to go to bed as someone was snoring very loudly and we heard it all night. I’m not sure if that’s how all the units are, or maybe just the ones booked on Expedia or other third parties, but it was a huge disappointment.

To end this review on a good note, we were able to see a little bit of the grounds and I wish we had time to explore them even further. The walk to catch the Busch Gardens shuttle was only a few minutes from our building and it’s the same place we would have caught the Colonial Williamsburg shuttle if we had time to go there. We passed the bike rental area and it would have been nice to do that during our stay.

We were also able to make a quick trip to the riverfront and it would have been a great place to have a little picnic lunch. It was also a short walk from our building and I liked that a car wasn’t necessary to explore the grounds.

My mom indicated interest in going back to Kingsmill so I think we may try going again later this year. Since we went to Busch Gardens towards the end of the season one of the rides we wanted to go on was closed, so I’ll probably try to plan a trip back there during peak season so we can go on it. Overall, I would recommend the Kingsmill but would stay in an upgraded room next time or maybe even one of the cottages for more privacy.

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