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One of the things I enjoy most about taking vacations is all of the planning that is involved in making them happen. Some people enjoy having impromptu plans during their trips but I’m the type of person who creates itineraries and likes to have most of the trip planned in advance. That’s not to say that every minute is pre-planned, because I do enjoy having some time where nothing is scheduled and we do whatever we feel like doing that day (which is sometimes nothing at all).

The first trip I have coming up is a weekend in Toronto where my mom, cousin and I will go to Niagara Falls. My mom and I were hoping to attend the Rogers Cup tennis tournament while we were there but I procrastinated on buying the tickets and now they’re more expensive than we’re willing to pay. Our original outbound flight had us landing in Toronto around 11:00am which would have given us plenty of time to explore the city and attend the tournament, but American changed the flight time and now we’re not getting there until just before 5:00pm. Since we don’t have as much free time with the new flight it means we won’t get to explore downtown but I think our new plan is the old fashioned dinner and a movie since there’s a movie theater and restaurants within walking distance of our hotel. I’m disappointed that we won’t have time to explore downtown Toronto but that just means I’ll have to plan another trip there, right?

The next trip is what is becoming an annual thing for me and my mom, and that is going up to New York to attend the U.S. Open tennis tournament. This will be our third time attending, and my mom says it will be her last but I’ll believe that when I see it. This year is a little different because we’ll be in the American Express suite for the first time. We absolutely got spoiled with the suite at Indian Wells and it will be hard to not get suites in the future. We decided to get tickets for the night session even though it will mean one less match than the day session because nothing really compares to a night session at the Open. Last year we had night session tickets but on the way up to NYC decided to get grounds passes for the day session so that’s an option for this year too.

My mom and I have been on 19 and 18 cruises respectively, but we have yet to take a cruise on one of Royal Caribbean’s mega ships. We decided to take a 7 night cruise on the Allure of the Seas out of Ft. Lauderdale so we can experience one of these huge ships. The cruise stops at Cozumel (Mexico), Falmouth (Jamaica) and Labadee (Haiti). It’s not the most exciting itinerary but the ship really is the destination for us on this cruise. We’ve been to Cozumel many times so I don’t think we’ll plan any excursions for that day and may just stay on the ship. We’ve been to Falmouth once before so we may just walk around the port area (which is what we did last time) or stay on the ship. We’ve never been to Labadee but I’m looking forward to having a beach day and hopefully getting a cabana. We’re still undecided on whether we’ll do the zipline but we’re both leaning towards giving it a go. We’ve booked the Crown Loft Suite so we’re really excited about staying in a loft at sea. I’m thinking about doing a room tour, is that something you guys would be interested in?

If you have any tips, tricks or recommendations for any of my upcoming trip please let me know in the comments below!

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